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WA Commercial & Industrial Waste Working Group

The WA Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Waste Working was formed in 2008 to provide members with the opportunity to contribute to the future of the C&I waste sector, keep abreast of developments affecting the C&I waste sector and network with industry stakeholders.

What is C&I Waste?
Commercial & Industrial waste can be considered solid waste arising from the activities within commercial and industrial sites, including but not limited to offices, retail outlets, restaurants, factories and institutions.
Generally, C&I waste comprises of the following:

  • Organic waste, eg food waste 35%;
  • Paper & cardboard 22%;
  • Plastics 13%;
  • Metals 8%;
  • C&D 7%;
  • Glass 2%;
  • Other 8%; and
  • Non recoverable 5%.

The group’s Vision is:
“To provide leadership in the management and reduction of Commercial & Industrial waste”.

The Mission of the group is:
“To act as a focal point for stakeholders to facilitate communications and promote more sustainable Commercial and Industrial waste management in Western Australia”.

Objectives of the working group are:

  • Provide a forum for the C&I waste management sector and within which C&I waste generators can collaborate on projects that raise standards of practice &/or lead to improved policy
  • Identify and promote sustainable collection, transport, processing and disposal practices
  • Identify and promote opportunities for greater awareness and education
  • Provide a forum for local government and C&I waste management organisations to work together to improve C&I waste management performance
  • Promote source segregation of C&I waste
  • Advocate for policy reform and policy development, eg levies, taxes Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and Container Deposit Legislation (CDL)
  • Encourage waste generators to participate in product stewardship processes, eg the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) program
  • Foster the identification and expansion of sustainable markets for the diversion of waste materials from landfill

Membership & Meetings
Membership of the WA C&I Working Group is open to all financial members of WMAA. Members generally consist of waste collection & transport organisations, waste processing organisations, local and state government, consultants and waste generators.
The Working Group has a representative on the WMAA WA Branch Committee.
Meetings are generally held on each month and teleconference facilities are provided for members in regional areas.

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