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ISWA The International Solid Waste Association is an international, independent and non-profit making association, working in the public interest to promote and develop sustainable waste management worldwide.

ISWA is open to individuals and organisations from the scientific community, public institutions, public and private companies, consultants, and manufacturers, from all over the world working in the field of and interested in waste management.

ISWA has around 1,100 members from more than 70 countries around the world. ISWA is the only worldwide association promoting sustainable and professional waste management. Being part of ISWA will make you part of an extensive network of professional waste managers as well as to international organisations such as UNEP, the WHO, the World Bank or the European Union institutions. Through the 10 ISWA working groups, ISWA provides technical papers and opinions regarding waste practices. By being part of ISWA, you can influence waste management of tomorrow.

But ISWA is much more than this. Member benefits include access to publications, newsletters, conferences and meetings. The ISWA technical and scientific journals (WMR and WMW) are recognised as being essential to those who want to continuously up-date their knowledge of waste management techniques and strategies.

What is ISWA's mission?
ISWAs mission is the promotion of sustainable waste management worldwide through:

  1. efficiency in terms of environmental practice
  2. social acceptability and efficiency in terms of economic viability
  3. advancement of waste management through education and training
  4. support to developing countries through ISWA Development Programme
  5. professionalism through its programme on professional qualifications

In 1998, the WMAA was formally invited to join the International Solid Waste Association and our membership as a full member was ratified at the Charlotte Meeting of the General Assembly that year.

As a full National Member of ISWA, WMAA is are entitled to nominate representatives for the Working Groups of ISWA.

For Further Information
For further information about ISWA please visit www.iswa.org, download one of the membership brochures below, or contact:
General Secretariat
123 Mariahilfer Strasse, 3rd Floor
Vienna, Austria 1060
Telephone: + 43 159 999 8038
Facsimile: + 43 159 999 700
Email: iswa@iswa.org

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