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Waste Management Association of Australia Privacy Statement

The Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA) is committed to protecting your privacy. The Federal Government has recently extended the operation of the Privacy Act 1988 to apply to organisations such as us from 21 December 2001. It contains principles on how to collect, use, disclose or handle personal information. We are committed to meeting these requirements.

We collect personal information to provide and administer the many services and events we can offer and facilitate. These include, but are not limited to, our publications: Inside Waste and WMAA E-news, Waste Management and related conferences and seminars, meeting notices and sometimes other relevant information from other organisations with which we have relationships. We do not disclose any personal information provided to us to third parties outside of WMAA’s normal activities without obtaining express permission.

The WMAA undertakes industry surveys and uses the data collected for the purposes of identifying the size, scope and key aspects of the waste management and resource recovery industry. This information will be used as a reference source by the WMAA to promote and improve the industry. Commercially sensitive information provided will be published ONLY in an aggregated form, and individual data will be kept confidential.

In order to reduce duplication of data collection exercises in Australia, WMAA provides controlled access to the raw data it collects for the purpose of analysis and comparison with other data sets. The extent of this access is as shown in the table below. The results of any analysis performed on these data sets will only be published in aggregated form (where the aggregated information cannot be used to determine information about individual facilities).



Data Type

Australian State, Territory and National Govt. Agencies 

Public and commercial access 

Raw data – full data set

Yes, for :
a) Analysis and presentation as aggregated information*
b) Mapping of facility locations

Not available

Raw data – de-identified (owner details and location removed)

Yes, for analysis and presentation as aggregated information

Yes, for analysis and presentation as aggregated information

Aggregated data


Yes, available through and online query engine

*Raw data is used exclusively for the development and assessment of policy and programs and not as evidence for site-by-site assessment of compliance against state or local regulations 

WMAA General Disclaimer 

Documents, papers and articles linked to or from this site are provided for the information of WMAA’s members. WMAA does not guarantee the validity of any information, nor does WMAA represent or warrant any information contained in the documents, papers and articles. Further, in providing these, WMAA does not imply or endorse any views or positions as may be contained in the documents, papers and articles.

Any of the trademarks, service marks, collective marks, design rights or similar rights that are mentioned, used or cited in the documents, papers and articles remain the property of their respective owners. Their use in these documents does not imply that you may use them for any other purpose. Unless as otherwise stated, WMAA is not affiliated or endorsed by any of the holders of any such rights.

No kind of agreement or contract is created between the readers of this document and WMAA. Your use of these documents, papers and articles is at your own risk. If you need specific advice, please seek a professional who is appropriately qualified and recognised in that area.

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