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NSW Young Professionals Working Group

The NSW Young Professionals (YPs) is a working group of the Waste Management Association of Australia (WMAA).  The Group was formed to provide a forum for career development and networking for young professionals working or seeking work in the waste management industry.

For more information about becoming a WMAA member, please click here. To find out about the benefits of becoming a NSW YP member, please click here.

Objectives of the working group are:
  • To increase the skills, knowledge and experience of young professionals
  • To provide opportunities for young professionals and facilitate career development
  • To empower young professionals to take an active role in the industry through WMAA

The NSW YPs do this by:

  • Promoting opportunities for increased training, mentorship and knowledge sharing
  • Providing tools and resources
  • Organising networking events and catered conference programs
  • Working to provide enhanced benefits for students and YPs through their WMAA membership

The Working Group also has a representative on the WMAA NSW Branch Committee and connects with similar working groups in QLD, SA and VIC.

Meetings are generally held each month and teleconference facilities can be provided for members in regional areas.

What do we mean by "waste"?
"Waste" is often described as a material which has a negative economic value in its current context, but in fact, this is a misnomer. Truthfully, nothing is a waste, there are only materials. The vast majority of materials have a positive economic value in their current form, but some materials need to be purified, moved or reprocessed before they have economic value. Some materials (such as asbestos), are highly toxic so need to be interned in the interest of human health. Conversely, many highly toxic materials are also highly valuable.
Why work in waste?
The waste industry is a unique industry which continues to grow and change at a rapid rate. For YPs it is an exciting field to enter into, with numerous opportunities available to professionals from all backgrounds, regardless of their level of experience.


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