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QLD Local Government Network
The Qld Local Government (LG) Network Group is a working group of the Waste Management Association of Australia's (WMAA) and the first of its kind in the state. The group was formed in the context to provide support, information, advocacy and leadership to Local Government waste officers and managers who have issues in relation to waste operation, its policy and legislation. The group will also provide possible research, networking and professional development in waste and recycling area.

Membership is open to all local government personnel in Queensland who are WMAA members.

The group aims to provide local government personnel in Queensland with:

  • the opportunity to network;
  • a forum to share information and experiences; and
  • a facility to work together to find solutions to common issues relating to waste and recycling.

Meetings are generally held on the last Wednesday of each month and teleconference facilities are provided for members in regional areas.

Click here to view the QLD Local Government Network Strategic Plan.

Contact enquiries@wmaa.asn.au for more information.

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